buy a Windows VPS for my store

There are various factors that play a role in deciding whether or not VPS would be beneficial for an online store. Let us list them down to help you when you buy window VPS.

buy windows vps
  1. Languages in which the website is coded: A website is essentially a bunch of data that is coded in different languages and put together on a server. The languages can vary from C, C++, .net, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, etc. However, the windows VPS does not easily support PHP, WordPress. So, it’s a must check that your VPS supports the language in which your website has been developed. Notwithstanding, .net and C# codes will definitely be supported in the windows VPS. For other languages, Linux VPS will do better.
  2. Traffic: If you are expecting around 1000 visitors at a time on your site, VPS would turn out to be highly beneficial. But, if you are opening a new store and it’s a completely new website and is not expecting more than a 1000 visitors at a time, at any point of time, it would be better to go for shared hosting.
  3. Privacy: VPS allows you more privacy as compared to shared hosting. If you have crucial and confidential data transfer on your website, VPS is a safer option.
  4. Choice of OS: If you are a web developer/administrator, VPS would give you full control over the type of OS you would want to install (Linux or Windows), unlike with shared hosting.
  5. Budget: VPS is more expensive than Shared Hosting. But VPS does provide you with various other benefits, like a better memory, RAM, etc. So, if you have higher traffic and can afford to use VPS, it’d be beneficial.

However, VPS gives us the flexibility to expand or deduct the amount of RAM, HDD, etc., thus letting us pay for only what we use. Consider all the factors well before you buy a window VPS.


Car haulers are the trailers that are commonly used to transport various automobiles. They can be a type of semi-trailer or trailer that are designed to transport all sorts of passenger vehicles, especially cars, in bulk, through long distances.

car haulers

Why does one need a car hauler?

Usually, car haulers are used to shipping new cars and another vehicle from the manufactures to the industry distributors. In rare cases, they are also used for collecting and transport old vehicle to scrap yards. Sometimes small car haulers may also be privately hired by car owners who are relocating and need their used car to be moved to the new destination through shipping rather than driving. They are also used when second hands cars are purchased from online dealers and have to be transported to the buyer’s location.

With the number of vehicles in all the above different categories being increased year by year, more and more companies have identified this as an area of prospective growth and started to provide special car hauling services. But the job and dealership is not as simple and easy. These transporting services hold a lot of responsibility. If the transported vehicle gets damaged or displaced by any chance, they are answerable to both the distributor and the customer.

What should you look for in a car hauler trailer?

If you are at the receiving end of the car hauling services, then here are a few points that you should look for in your hauler trailer.

Types of hauler

  • Flatbed haulers: preferred for newer cars as the possibility of wear and tear is very less
  • Two-wheel tow dollies: preferred for rough shipping of used cars as the cost is comparatively lower.

You can also choose if the trailer is going to be covered or uncovered and also the type of ramps they have.