A Complete History Of Marijuana Comic Fastlane

The leading figures in Peterson’s”marijuana comic” are Sheepman, also known

While the Wool Wonder, along with his sidekick Weedboy. Together, they are known as”The Dank Duo.” The villains are a mixed team of characters with titles like Bastard Santa, Hank Hemp, and Pot Wizard.

Fighting evil,” the comic’s cover reads.

Peterson said he’s done standup with Cheech and Chong and has been an

Animator for television cartoons like My Little Pony stories and Batman: The Animated Series. “The time has come to infuse cannabis with comic books,” he informs the Judges throughout his pitch. I met Stan Lee [while] dressed as Sheepman, and he loved it.”

Although the art, dialogue, and plot outlines are a bit Cutrate, who knows

What will the children enjoy, right? It wasn’t depicted at the show, but an anonymous Investor gave Peterson $25,000 for a ten percent equity bet.

The episode’s best pitch, even however, was Jane West, a well-established

An entrepreneur at the business, because of her women’s bud networking group Women Grow. “Women Grow connects, educates, and empowers the next Generation of females in the cannabis industry,” she explained. “It seems to be a male-dominated field. I don’t want stereotypes of cannabis use to prevent should.”

West that had been a corporate occasion planner before she was showcased in a Prime Time News show on television smoking marijuana started her network in Denver and contains Since enlarged to 12 additional cities, including Las Vegas, San Francisco, and also Anchorage. Instantly after losing her corporate occupation, West began another Company, Edible Events, which hosts bring-your-own-cannabis events in


According to the show’s founders, West would have been selected, and however, Strangely, she had a scheduling conflict. The lesson with this particular episode? Sometimes Success in entrepreneurship is all about coming to the perfect place at the ideal moment.