The craze for the various products of Apple is never ending façade. With time to time, Apple keeps on bringing innovations in its products to not only improve their features but also improve the customer service that it provides to its customers. However, despite such measures, there are some areas where still the devices remain in lacunae like its vulnerable display screen and its fluctuating battery. Adding to the woes are the limited availability of the service centers and even higher charges of repair for the same. Hence this article sheds some light on the easier methods for keeping the battery safe and avoiding any iPhone battery replacement.

iphone battery replacement

Ways to keep the battery safe and sound

According to the manuals of Iphone, a minimum of 80 percent of battery performance is required for the optimal working of the phone. Deviations from this would make the battery very weak and lead to cases of overload on the battery system of the phone that may aggravate the cause and hence lead to permanent damage to the handset. Even it may lead to cases of chip failure. Hence as it is said that prevention is better than cure, similarly one needs to keep the following in mind to prevent such wreckage: –

  • Charging the phone by only certified Apple chargers
  • Avoiding overcharging by disconnecting the charger as soon as 100 percent charge is attained
  • Changing the battery once every two years
  • In case of damage to the original chargers, please do not resort to the cheap options as they might even increase the problem further.

Symptoms of a weak battery

Following are some symptoms for a weak battery: –

  • Battery backup getting reduced very drastically
  • Unexpected shutdown of the phone even at a higher charge
  • Overheating of the phone during use of some apps
  • Phone not getting charged properly

Hence one must not ignore these and follow the instruction of battery change once in 2 years because of the exhaustion of the battery chemicals in 2 years and even it attains the maximum cycle life after 500-700 cycles.