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You’ve put in hours to call of duty and wreaked havoc on innocent newbies. It’s a wonderful feeling, but knowing that everyone can see your actions and compare you to other players is even more rewarding. The game is enhanced by the ability to track your stats and those of your friends. It’s not about what happens in a match or a day, but what happens throughout your time playing COD. This also fulfills some of the voyeuristic tendencies that make us human call of duty accounts. If you are curious about what your friends do in their games, that is fine.

You had to search for your stats until a few months back. It was difficult to match them up with other players. But, in November 2008, the Call of Duty team launched a stats website that allowed players to view their stats, compare them with their friends, and see where they rank in the Call of Duty player field. It is easy to create your stats account and compare yourself with other players.

You will need to link your COD account with the stats and Call of Duty websites to load all information. You can play multiplayer mode by choosing Xbox Live and entering your “barracks.” You will find the “web stats” option once you are in your barracks. Every player’s web stats contain a unique code identifying them as players. will ask you for your number. You have probably visited Call of before if you are a serious Call of Duty player. If you’ve never seen the site before, log in to your account. Registering for an Account is the same as writing on any forum or site. Could you enter your details and give it a day?

Once you have logged into your account, you will need to go to the “my account tab.” You will find a link account tab once you are in the tab. Click on that tab to choose your platform (PS3 and Xbox 360). Then you will need to enter your gamer ID or gamer tag and the web stats codes that were retrieved from your barracks. After you have completed all the necessary information and verified it, you can go back to your profile and click the “COD WW DOSIER” button. Your stats will be displayed.

You can now track what’s happening with your stats and those of other people who have linked to their accounts. You can browse the site to see all the cool features the COD team has added to the stats tracking site.