DIY Artificial Grass Setup Expenses

Though artificial grass installation is generally best left to the experts, it’s possible to install your very own fake yard in case you’ve got basic DIY skills, time and a tiny bit of patience.

What resources will I need?

Obviously, having the ideal tools for your job is vital. You Will Need the following fundamental tools:




If you are installing an edging made from wood, composite vinyl timber, sleepers or even some kind of paving, then you will also need extra tools, based on the form of trimming which you pick.

You may also have to borrow or visit your Regional tool hire shop to Be Able to obtain the following:

Turf cutter. Though not essential, if you will be eliminating a present yard, a turf cutter will allow this procedure a breeze — it will cut up your old yard into strips that are then readily removed. This can save you the possibly back-breaking job of digging up the yard using a scoop.

Now you have the appropriate tools, you ought to supply the aggregates necessary to set up the sub-base and placing course. To get a normal artificial lawn setup, this might mean majority bags of MOT Type 1 plus 0-6mm granite.

Your regional builders’ merchant ought to be able to supply these substances.

Type 1 will have to be installed to a minimum thickness of 50mm.

Again, please consult your regional providers as costs do vary based upon where in the UK you live.

You might also require a variety of installation accessories such as marijuana membrane, connecting tape, synthetic grass paste and u-pins.