Do you get money if you have subscribers on YouTube?

These top 5 sites for purchasing buy youtube subscribers cheap perspectives are rated According to the caliber of these targeted perspectives they deliver, viewer engagement, responsiveness, turn around time along with also their moneyback guarantee (when they have one). Your website, which tested these services, is named BuyViewsReview. To learn more about the very best providers of YouTube perspectives, and how you can avoid scams, click here.

Tip: you want’high retention views’ — viewpoints at which your video has been watched for a substantial period, perhaps not clicked on. These can help your search engine ranks.


Devumi is our #1 choice for buying YouTube viewpoints due to Provides the very best affordable. To begin with, most of Rumi’s bundles arrive with likes contained, so there isn’t any need to check around for retention and involvement after buying views from Devumi. They have a 100% money-back guarantee and a few of the fastest turn around time available on the industry (for genuine high-retention viewpoints ) Some bot services are somewhat quicker. However, it’s against YouTube’s TOS to utilize robots ).

2. BuyViews

BuyViews come in at a close second to Devumi. They offer Various social advertising options together side their bundles. They also have an impressive 60% — 90 percent retention rate as well as a 0% moneyback guarantee. But, their turnaround time isn’t nearly as good as Devumi’s. Furthermore, they provide no time guarantee in their retention rate.

3. MarketingHeaven

MarketingHeaven makes buying YouTube perspectives very straightforward. On their homepage, you can add the link into the video you may love to promote, select the number of opinions you want from a drop-down list and top it off with an optional choice of likes. While this single-use is both a plus, MarketingHeaven is a bit more expensive compared to the top 2 web sites with this list, plus it offers no maintenance warranty. Additionally, it will take longer to see results, plus it provides no options for societal promotion.

4. 500VIEWS

On 500VIEWS You Can Purchase everything, such as YouTube views, Likes, opinions and subscribers. They have an addon system that is very easy to use. However, they don’t deliver on retention, quality, involvement, and customer support, such as the top 3 websites. Besides, it can take up to at least one week to secure results from 500VIEWS.

5. Social Shop

Social Shop features a charming mix of packages. At the lowest end, they have the micro package which provides you 1000 perspectives for $1, and also at the top quality, they have the Guru package which gives you 1,000,000 views for $999. Considering that this Variety of options, their turnaround period of 2 days isn’t bad at all. However, Social Shop has limited participation choices. Unlike other sites on This list, they do not offer likes, comments, or readers. Their client Support also doesn’t compare too well against others with this particular list.