Know The Core Elements You Learn in Sissy Training

Feminization or Sissification or simply Sissy Training is basically the activity where the mistress would convert into perceived gender of her male acquiescent. However, the number of scenarios and tasks that are included in the training vary, but the sole concept of the feminization is to feminizing the male slaves and keeps them consistent and it comes under the broad scope of sissification.

Sissy training

Core Elements of Sissy Training

The central elements of Sissy Training are basically the using of cross-dressing as the participant of the training program. The male counterpart who acts as a slave will usually wear an item of clothing which is closely associated with women, while the mistress involved in the program would opt over feminizing their slaves and choosing the highly lady-like clothing. The cross-dressing in the training program usually includes dresses, lingerie, high heels, stockings and others. Another core element of the training program is the makeup of the slaves which is practised in the training sessions.

Verbal aspect of the participants is also strongly considered as a vital part of the Sissy Training. Calling the slaves by a female equivalent name is the common practice that is done during the training session. The mistresses are also allowed to call the slaves by using a gender identifying languages like calling the sissy slave a good girl or by using other terms that are associated with females like a bitch, slut or whore.

The sexualizing terms are widely used than the non sexualized words in the training and due to this fact, the training is often considered as an activity that is pursued erotic purposes. Because of its simple, yet highly arousal training it is often considered to be the safest and effective forms of BDSM where one can engage safely. So, take your Sissy Training today from someone who specializes in the field.