Piyo the best workout for building the core

We all are quite aware of the fact that exercise is the key to staying healthy and fit, so it is important for us to exercise daily in our lives. Exercising has a lot of benefits, it is good for maintaining the energy levels, it helps in improving the muscle strength and most importantly it helps in maintaining a healthy body weight. But most of us usually get bored by doing the same form of exercise every day and it is something quite normal. So why not try a new form of workout? The new form of workout that one can try is the piyo workout.

Pilates and yoga are great for the mind and the body but piyo is something that you would definitely love, it is quite low impactful and quite effective.

The benefits of the piyo workout

  • It helps in improving flexibility
  • Burns calories and burns fat
  • It helps in building lean muscles
  • It is low impact so it protects the joints

Why is piyo the best?

Well, piyo is the best workout, yes it is better than yoga and Pilates because it is low impactful and it helps in working on those small muscles that one might miss. There is no need of using any equipment; moreover, it is best for building a lean body. It is a whole core workout so it works both for the abs as well as for the lower back. Most importantly it is unique and a change from the other forms of exercise.

So if you want to be the fit and in case you are bored of the regular gym sessions or yoga classes then piyo workout would be a pleasant change. You would feel relaxed and rejuvenated with piyo, so what are you waiting for go start your piyo workout now.