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Perhaps if you were to do a survey in the market for the most common shape of custom baseball caps surely 6-panel baseball cap would be the clear winner. It has got a nicely curved visor that has great versatility compared to other models and is ready to be pushed to limits by its well-built front panel. The cap is worn and favoured by all generation of players as an evergreen cap being a safe bet regardless of the market being targeting or the specific age group being focused on. According to the Gold Headwear having a fabric strap using a metal, the buckle is a great combination on these caps.

custom baseball caps

These custom baseball caps are shipped worldwide for low prices delivering quality service and top-notch product quality. These caps are made from scratch by keeping in mind the vision of the client and their requirements. The materials are selected from a chunk size that undergo quality checks and only the very best of them make the cut. There are many options for embellishment upon these caps such as having a premium quality plastic insert with a precisely curved visor thereby making them really durable and sharp in nature.


  • Infinite options for customisations
  • The remarkably curved visor that employs a highly resistant plastic interior
  • Buckram is pitched In with the reinforced front panel
  • Premium quality material that is hand sourced
  • Kid sizes are also found

Along with these features there is a lot of room for customisations and embellishments in this model by allowing the client to have a greater say in the type of visor, fabric material employed, closure type and other subtle changes including the embellishments describing the attributes of the client and representing their state of representation among the team. Also Gold Headwear has worked with numerous professionals exclusively to design some of the best cats.