A helping hand in the digital fields: Computer Expert Witness

A computer expert witness or forensic computer architecture is a person specialized in providing information on internet security. The legal cases now depend on computer-stored data and metadata such as who can access the data. The data has to be retrieved without any loss in the data and damage to the device.

computer expert witness
               source: forensisgroup.com

What does a computer witness do?

  • Investigation of computer system failures to find the main cause behind the crime and damage done to the devices.
  • Analysis of the responsibilities and the impact of software components in the system
  • Performing a comprehensive analysis of the quality of any computer software or computer component to understand the context of the failure
  • Determination of the best practices and acceptable professional standards keeping in mind the legal and government regulations
  • Preparation of reports on the forensic evidence and provides the witness in cases which are supposed to involve fraud, intellectual property theft, and other litigation matters.

The responsibilities of a computer expert witness

The responsibilities of an expert witness in a digital world are huge as they have to preserve and review the data collected and then conclude a final say on the case. Some of these responsibilities include the following:

  • Honesty: The person should be trustworthy so that he stands with the utmost importance.
  • Opinions: They have the right to issue their opinion and conclusions on the matters they are made responsible for
  • Preparation: He or she should be well prepared with the background and procedure to provide the information without any physical damage to the devices.

A computer expert witness is skilful in performance and can provide help in the following ways:

  • The hackers can be traced
  • They gather, organize and maintain the evidence
  • They are responsible for recovering their own data
  • They provide expert forensic testimony

The technical and computing resources availability makes it possible for a computer expert witness to handle any kind of digital misconduct, cyberstalking, fraud and hacking.