Council Tax arrears and debt recovery

* You can attempt to create an arrangement to pay back the debt at a speed which you can afford. You can give the money directly to the bailiffs, though it’s easier to get them to take your offer if they’ve not been into your home. Always get a receipt for any money you’ve got.


* Bailiffs cannot send you to prison. If the bailiffs have been into your house and they won’t take your offer, all they can do is to pass your remaining payment back into the council. It is vital to generate an arrangement to pay the board, or they might try other methods of recovering the money, such as taking money out of your wages or your benefit.

* If the bailiffs refuse your offer it’s essential to set the money you have offered apart, so you can make the payment it to the council tax debts is passed to them. Write to this bailiff and the authorities telling them you’re saving the money up since the bailiffs have refused to take your money.

* If you are on Income Support like Pension Credit or Job Seekers Allowance, a few councils’ have a policy for not using any bailiffs and will accept a payment offer from you or agree to receive direct payments from your benefits.