Leh Ladakh Roadtrip — Pune On Leh Ladakh To Pune On-bike 6000 Kilometers

Leh Ladakh road-trip is considered as Fantasy for bicycle riders.We are not professional riders, but what we’ve achieved or done is every biker’s fantasy.
This post isn’t only for bike riders but also for all those that love to travel to the bike.I have experienced another facet of traveling.Life experience and lessons that I learned out of that road trip would never be the same if I’d done the identical trip from train or flight.The best area about a road trip is your journey starts from your home and the bad area is, you are not worked up in your destination because you are busy in loving the ongoing journey.
We want to share some background what compels me to select this a lengthy bike road trip of 6201 km.So sit back and revel in the ride together with me.Relive once in a life journey together with me personally.

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Dream Road to drive Bike

I’d like to go on road trips with my buddies as well as wife. Longest trip till days I did is of 750+750 km (1500 Km) (Pune-Nagpur-Pune). I needed my second road trip to go beyond the one which I have already done. Leh-Ladakh was on my mind from beyond two years.There are definite things that we wanted to complete in our own life.
When I got my 1st bike, within six months I bought my favored bicycle — Bajaj Pulsar 150 in 2008 and 2nd Pulsar 180 in 2012. I chose Pulsar because I love to drive sitting relaxation its an ideal sports bike for a long ride and have style and comfort. Within the first week, so we did a very long ride of approximately 400 km to Ganapati Pule beach. As time passes,I’d done a couple of long road trips like Pune Kolhapur Pune (600 Km), Pune Goa Pune (1100 Km).

I needed my second road trip to proceed beyond one which I have already done. Ladakh was on my mind in past inch year. There are definite things which we wanted to do within our lives, but unfortunately they’re pending from a long time as they have been out of our comfort zone, maybe we required any motivation or trigger from someone else. Rohit and Sagar my office friend (with whom I’ve previously done the Pune Kolhapur Pune road-trip ) became activate for all of us and later on I received my motivation to Pune-Ladakh-Pune out of a travel blog such as this, that you are reading at the moment.

Rohit and Sagar told me about his friend who’s a travel agent and coordinating Leh Ladakh bike trip every year.They start from Chandigarh and have their particular mechanic, medical facility, the backup vehicle with them entirely travel. They have all the hotel booking in advance.You have to go with their fixed destination and route. Leh Ladakh road trip is all about adventure and within my opinion experience trip is nothing but just a little less proposed trip.If you obtain a backup of every single everything then there is going to be no surprise and delight on your trip.But that doesn’t mean that you will perhaps not likely to plan your own road trip or maybe to simply take precaution from your adventure.