The Different Types of Phuket Condo

Phuket has managed to mark its presence in the list of global resort destinations and acclaimed globally for delivering luxury apartments, villas, and condominiums. A Phuket Condo is comparable to those available at Caribbean and Mediterranean but with a fraction of price. Since 1990, the market of Phuket Condos has expanded with the growth in tourism and today there are many luxury properties that are available for sale. The market is well positioned with its island infrastructure that includes best in class amenities and leisure amenities that give the dwellers with an excellent way of living close to nature.

Types and Classifications of Phuket Condo         

  • Luxury Phuket Condo – The rate of these luxury condos in Phuket is around 20 million baht per unit and the luxury units are strategically located to offer the dwellers with good ocean views and they are in close proximity to the beach. These luxury units are located in the low-density developments that offer the highest level of privacy. The luxury Phuket Condo is managed by professional management companies and some are managed by hotel management. Gym, fitness centre and pools are the common amenities.
  • High-End Phuket Condo – The high-end Phuket Condo is priced between 15 and 20 million baht. But not all units are located in close proximity to beaches and hence they are lacking in offering you with ocean views. They are managed by management companies and common amenities include gym and pool
  • Mid-Range Phuket Condo – As the name suggests, this is the type of Phuket Condo that is priced between 8 and 15 million baht. These condos are located in typical locations, but far from the ocean views and they are in close proximity to supermarkets and other entertainment hubs. The one bedroom unit would cost your around 5 million baht.