2019 Toyota C HR vs 2017 Honda HR-V Comparison


Immediately, the Toyota wins in the style department. I appreciate how it sounds — it’s funky and different without being overly weird. Even the HR V, on the other hand, only looks like such as a bean — it’s quite dorky and can easily be confused for just about any other subcompact cross over. It’s merely very generic, therefore that I give Toyota mad points for standing out and doing different things.


The Toyota C-HR vs. Honda HR-V looks much better but additionally takes a massive hit due to that style, and the Honda ultimately ends up with a lot more freight capacity and better sightlines, and also that practicality is something plenty of people want.


As the HR V includes 23.2 cubic feet (657 L) of distance from the trunk that stinks to 55.9 cu ft (1,583 L) with the seats folded flat, the Toyota comes nowhere close by only 19 cup (538 L) in the trunked and 36.4 cu-ft (1,030 L)- with the seats down. If you Looking more space to haul thing, the HR-V is indeed the brighter choice, mainly because it’s the Magic Seats from the rear, that allow the seat cushion to reverse upwards, making it a lot easier to carry taller items. These chairs are the greatest, and I wish every car had them.